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Miracle on 34th Street, The Play

Miracle on 34th Street, The Play

Miracle on 34th Street, The Play
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Kris Kringle, an old man in a retirement home, gets a job working as Santa for Macy’s. Kris unleashes waves of good will with Macy’s customers and the commercial world of New York City by referring parents to other stores to find exactly the toy their child has asked for. Seen as deluded and dangerous by Macy’s vocational counselor, who plots to have Kris committed to Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital, Kris ends up in a court competency hearing. Especially at stake is one little girl’s belief in Santa.

Directed by: Tara Deljanovan

Sponsored by: The Holtzman Family, In Memory Of Donald G. Holtzman

The Cast:

Donnie Mapes – KRIS KRINGLE

Kahlie DeHotman – DORIS WALKER

Anna Borgoyn – SUSAN WALKER

Tim Hippensteel – FRED GAYLEY

William Martel – DR. PIERCE

Connor Smith – SHELLHAMMER

John Capo – SAWYER

Melissa Borgoyn – MARA

Andrew Confair – JUDGE HARPER

Paul Young – MACY

ENSEMBLE: Janae Tymeson, Hannah Bastian, Charlie Meloan, Katie Dinges, Connor Hill, Logan Leiphart, Rebekah Richardson, Kayleigh Woods, Trina Stewart, Melissa Waddell, Kaitlyn Berkheimer, Elizabeth Kirk, Caroline Pelly, Abby Richardson, Isaiah Inch

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