CTL is extremely excited to be offering one-on-one Private Vocal & Piano Lessons! Register for lessons by contacting CTL at or by calling our Rubie Natal-Figueroa in our Box Office at 570.327.1777.


We are beyond thrilled to now be offering  ‘Private Piano Lessons’! Our Private Piano Lessons are taught by Mrs. Amanda Haney. All students must be older than 7 years of age and must be able to read. ‘Private Piano Lessons’ lessons start at $25 a lesson. (Lessons are for a half hour each week at the designated time set up with the instructor.)

Our Introductory Studio

Our first studio is an ‘Introductory’ based style lesson which helps students find their voice and is perfect for the beginner singer. This studio is ideal for the student that is just looking for a little extra help with their singing voice or for the student that thinks singing lessons might be something they want to try! ‘Introductory Studio’ lessons start at $25 a lesson. (Lessons are for a half hour each week at the designated time set up with the instructor.) Students who excel will be encouraged to  take lessons through our Performance Studio.

Our Performance Studio

Our second tier studio is taught by Mrs. Marisa Sorrentino Hickey and is a ‘Performance‘ based lesson. These lessons are for the students who have previous experience and who are ready to work towards performing. Students within this studio will be featured at Vocal Studio Recitals and students reaching their senior year in school will be offered the chance to have a solo senior recital. These lessons will cost $35 per lesson. (Lessons are for a half hour each week at the designated time set up with the instructor.) 

I am interested in starting private voice lessons how do I register?
Contact CTL at or by calling 570.327.1777 to discuss open availability in our instructor’s time slots. 

Instructor’s schedules adjust during the school based on their availability. Please contact CTL for more up to date information.

Sessions are $35.00 per lesson ($140.00 a month) for our Performance Studio 

Sessions are $25.00 per lesson ($100.00 a month) for our Introductory Studio 

Students are required to be currently enrolled in sixth grade to start taking lessons.

Lessons are not guaranteed to be made up and would be rescheduled at the discretion of the instructor. 

You will be notified prior to the cancelled lesson and the instructor will be rescheduling for a time that the student can make. No substitutes will be used for the private vocal studios.

These lessons are doable and encouraged; however these will run at a higher rate and time slots are not guaranteed to be open. Please call CTL (570-327-1777) for further information in scheduling a ‘one and done’ voice lesson.


CTL is excited to launch our After-School classes for this Spring! We are inviting all of our local performers, students and interested kids of all ages ‘behind the curtain’ and into our safe learning space to develop the skills to help them become rock star performers! Whether you are brand new to CTL’s classes and summer camps or the stage performer veteran we have something for everyone!