Health Policies and Procedures

 COVID-19 Specific Policies & Procedures

This will be updated as we continue to evaluate the novel COVID-19 crisis with extreme seriousness and diligence.

For Audiences:  Before coming to the theatre…
  1. We encourage patrons that if they feel unwell, they should NOT attend any events and reach out to the Box Office about exchanging their tickets for a future production.
While at the theatre…
  1. All ticket holders and volunteers backstage and working as ushers will be REQUIRED to wear masks. 
  2. There will be no meet and greets with the cast after the show.
  3. Hand sanitizers will be available throughout the building.
  4. Tickets can be shown from phones or printed forms and all tickets will be scanned with the OvationTix App.
  5. We are suspending Opening Night Chocolate Toasts
For Volunteers: 
  1. Limit of 3 people at most allowed in box office at this time. We asked the volunteers do not congregate in the box office prior to the house opening.
  2. Ushers and volunteers will have temperatures taken as soon as they arrive, anyone with a 100-degree fever will be sent home immediately.
    1. Individuals must go three days without a 100-degree fever (without the use of fever reducing medication) and a negative COVID-19 test before returning to volunteer.
  3. Both doors to the theatre inner lobby will be propped open allowing audiences to enter without touching a door handle.
  4. Usher Vests will no longer be used until further notice.
  Cleaning Upgrades
  1. As much will be automated in the bathrooms at CTL as possible. (ex: toilets, paper towels, faucet sensors, step stools)
  2. Sanitizing stations have been purchased and will be positioned in the lobby before each performance.
  3. Face masks have been purchased for volunteers and house staff to wear while working performances.
  4. CTL will purchase several no-touch thermometers for the use of staff, production stage managers and instructors.
  5. Water fountains will be out of order under further notice.
  6. Water bottle refillable stations will be available.
  1. Following CDC guidelines, masks will be used on a production to production basis. 
  2. No sharing of water bottles or snacks.
  3. No Opening Night snacks.
  4. No cast parties.
Tech Booth:
  1. Mic packs and mics wiped down before being returned to bags
  2. Soundboard and light board disinfected at the end of each night.
  3. Computer mice, keyboards and monitors should be cleaned daily.
  4. No more than 4 people in the Tech Booth areas (pit, booth and office) at any given time.
  5. iPads will be sanitized after each use.
  6. Disinfect light switches and doorknobs when leaving
Classes, Camps and Vocal Lessons CTL will be making the following changes to it’s COVID-19 protocol starting Monday, August 8th and until further notice:
  1. Audiences are RECOMMENDED and encouraged to wear masks while attending shows regardless of vaccination status. – All day time staff, interns, and summer camp instructors will be masked while in the building regardless of vaccination status. – It is RECOMMENDED that all summer campers starting camp Monday, August 8th wear masks. – All actors and production staff members at a rehearsal for a Mainstage production will be masked regardless of vaccination status.
  2. Social distancing guidelines will be followed in accordance with the most current CDC guidelines.
  3. Instructors will disinfect all learning areas in use by their students before and after class
    1. Instructors and staff will also be asked to disinfect surfaces, class materials, props and costumes as needed during class time and after.
  4. Staff, instructors, and students will make it routine to wash hands before class time, at snack time, and before leaving the theatre.
    1. Hand sanitizing stations or sanitizer pumps will also be placed on each floor in use.
  5. Rules regarding snack/break time during School-Day Program and summer camps only (No snacks will be allowed during after-school classes):
    1. All students must bring their own water bottle with their name clearly labeled on it.  CTL has water bottles for purchase if needed.  Each water bottle is only $5.00.
    2. CTL will serve only packaged snacks during summer camp snack time.
    3. Students may not share snacks or drinks at any time.
    4. Students will be asked to refrain from bringing in food from home for snack time unless they need to do so for a medical or allergy related reason.  Parents must let instructors, or the Education Coordinator know in advance if they need to bring snacks from home.
  6. Students may not share personal items or class materials/items that are assigned to them.
    1. Class materials and items include but are not limited to general classroom materials, art materials, papers, scripts, props, tools, protective wear, and costuming.
    2. Personal items include but are not limited to: Clothing, personal hygiene items, snacks, toys, sensory needs, books, phones, and miscellaneous electronic devices.

We encourage you to continue practicing recommended sanitary standards by the CDC and ask that you only plan to be in attendance if you are feeling in good health. And as always, please wash your hands! If you have not yet, we encourage you to visit ( for information on how to best prevent illness. If you are feeling unwell, please don’t hesitate to contact our box office to reschedule your visit for a later performance or for a different production. Our box office number is 570-327-1777, and we will happy to exchange your tickets for you. You can also email, as staff is currently working remotely, and most easily accessible by email. As the situation evolves, we will continue to keep you informed. If you have any questions about our preparations around this or any other public health issue, please feel free to reach out to our Executive Director, Seth Sponhouse, at 570-329-0599.

Our Programs

In addition to putting on performances for the public throughout the year, the Community Theatre League hosts a variety of programs to promote and encourage local youth to get involved in musical theatre and drama. From our annual summer camps to our high school workshops and Oscar-like awards show, we strive to share our talent and passion for the performing arts with the community.